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                 "Get Stung by the B"


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The Heat Is On!



  So....The lives of your family, close friends and business associates have

been placed in your hands for a brief afternoon, day, or night to create an

event that will be classified as that "one extraordinary moment in time." 

A single celebration that will forever define your hosting skills and social

graces hangs in the balance.  What a monumental task it is that looms

ahead right?  Well, fear not.  Just let yourself "Get Stung by the B." 

More than two decades of special event productions has earned me

unparalleled expertise in the art of entertaining.

So...just sit-back, relax, smile, and let "DJ Freddie B" do the work.



      The DJ's personality sets the tone for your function



Variety: The Spice of a Party's Life!






















Professional Sound System State-of-the-Art Light Show


Maybe you will want to hear songs from several different genres at your event;

Top-40 Hits, Big Band, Techno, Motown, Modern Rock, or Disco; the list

goes on and on.  No problem, because I have included virtually every type of

music imaginable in my library of more than 50,000 titles.  My collection is

updated on a weekly basis, so it is as current and extensive as your favorite

radio station.  Feel like shagging with the Embers? Are you crooning for

Sinatra?  Do you wanna get down with James Brown or get jiggy with Nelly

and Beyonce?  Feel like rocking to the Top-40, or do you wanna go retro

and listen to Old School?  No Problem.  Whatever your flavor or mood,

the "B" has got it covered.






                                 DJ Freddie "B"


Modern technology is amazing!  It has enabled me to develop an extremely

compact and computerized sound system that can sit on a small tabletop, and

yet envelop a grand ballroom with music.  The sound that is transmitted through

JBLŽ loudspeakers in full digital form has been labeled by some as "state-of-art"

and others "the cutting edge." Impressive, you might say, but what really matters

is the concert-quality sound I will bring to your event, which computes into a lot

of dancing-fun.  Digital and laser light displays along with fog (if appropriate)

will also add an extra special atmosphere to your event.


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